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Teju Nareddy


Software Engineer on Google Cloud service infrastructure's data plane. Core contributor for Cloud Endpoints & API Gateway.

Primarily focus on Cloud Native L7 API features, including:

  • Admission control and declarative policy enforcement
  • Observability: metrics, logging, tracing, profiling
  • Protocol buffers: wire serialization, reflection, and sanitization
  • gRPC-JSON transcoding
  • JWT authentication
  • Fuzz testing (check out my conference talks!)

Day-to-day work involves Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes. Actively involved in the transistion to hybrid cloud & sovereign cloud via Anthos Service Mesh and Google Distributed Cloud.

OSS contributor. Visit github/nareddyt to view my contributions, areas of ownership, and side projects.

Based out of Austin TX and work 100% remotely today. Not looking to change jobs at this time, not looking to relocate.